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How to fix texture dissapear, help me!

  • I attatch here 2 photo about my GTA5 has not shown the texture in some places


    Please help me!


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  • @quannice2000
    A few ideas:

    • You might try setting 'GTA5.exe' to 'High' priority in Task Manager (Task Manager > Right-click 'GTA5.exe' > 'Set CPU Priority' > 'High'). You can use a program like Prio to set the priority permanently so that 'GTA5.exe' starts with 'High' priority every time (it reverts to 'Normal' priority each start otherwise).

    • If you've installed a heap of texture mods (L.A Roads, L.A Billboards etc) you may have to remove them.

    • Try lowering your graphics settings.

    • Test game without mods & see if it still happens?

  • If you are using LA Billboards and you have installed other map mods, they sometimes will not work together by default. Check the other map mods rpf files against those of LA Billboards. It is possible to combine LA Billboards with other map mods manually.

    If you have too many vehicles replaced {not addon} this can sometimes happen as well. The games memory handling is set by rockstar based on the size of their vanilla model system. Custom memeory and heap adjusters can help with the random crashing, but dont do much in the way of fixing HOW the game uses its now available resources. Too many high poly models can cause LOD only loading or even missing map items.

    If you have custom maps that load with your game using Menyoo or Map Editor, they can also cause this. These programs load all of the items on the custom map even when the player is not near that location. So it can have a hit on performance including LOD only loading, map missing, and even random crashing. It doesnt mean custom maps are bad, but I have personally had so many loaded before that the entire beach and docks area of los santos just didnt load.

  • @Foxunitone said in How to fix texture dissapear, help me!:

    map missing, and even ran

    I think you comments are right, I installed Map editor and some maps other. I fixxed by re-installing the game haha

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