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Two games gta 5

  • I have a question. How to install two gta 5 games on one computer? That one play online and the other with mods. Creating a new profile does not help. The game is displayed installed

  • @Pronenko125 Just use a mods folder, no need for two copies. If for some reason you just want to do it the hard way, check out this post, should help you out to get two copies on your pc and how to switch between them.


  • @Pronenko125
    You presumably know you can do the same thing using a 'mods' folder but I can identify with wanting to keep 100% manual control over your modded version of the game & not have updates mess it up/cause you to have to do a heap of work unexpectedly when you just want a quick game of modded GTA V :thumbsup:.
    Have a read over my posts here where I outline a way to swap between 2 separate installs of the game. That is the way I would do it if I ever played online. :thumbsup:


    • Say goodbye to worrying about if Rockstar has released an update.
    • Upgrade your mods on your timescale, not Rockstar's.
    • Less variables to worry about if something does go wrong with your modded version.
    • A feeling of safety & inner warmth knowing you can play modded GTAV whenever you want with a 0% chance of an upgrade ambush from Rockstar.

    Yeah... we've been doing this all wrong?! We've basically been handling Rockstar's tech support for them (for free) without actually creating a solution that solves the problem of allowing the user to mod their game & still play online safely &, most importantly, very easily.
    A 'mods' folder is not that solution as it creates as many problems as it solves & puts a rather large amount of the workload of solving said problems squarely on the shoulders of modding forums like this, thus using resource & generally slowing down the advancement of the modding community as a whole. Hmmm?...
    Thanks for the eureka moment & the realisation that maybe the 'mods' folder ain't the best solution if you mod & play online :slight_smile::thumbsup:.
    Any problems/questions regarding reg edits etc, give me a shout :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th This is what I've wanted to know, the advantages of using two copies vs using a mods folder. Are there any disadvantages beside the space it will take up? Would the game actually run better not trying to access a mods folder? Like not having to pull info from vanilla file, then finding the modded files.

  • @chonkie
    That's an interesting point, it might slow things down (just a little bit) although I think it works much like folder redirection so the game files aren't even looked at. Just the 'mods' folder versions are loaded instead :thumbsup:

    Edit: Confirmed. I removed all the '.rpf' archives from my game folder & my game loaded up perfectly so the game folder '.rpf's aren't even looked at when loading the modded game. Thus, it's unlikely there is any slowdown from using a 'mods' folder :thumbsup:
    This also confirms that to avoid any forced updating of the '.rpf's in the 'mods' folder (different version, must copy over new file OpenIV warning etc) all you have to do is make sure you backup the game's '.exe's :thumbsup:

    I conducted a test of removing dlc's & found the game runs a lot better/smoother with a lighter load placed on your hardware so maybe... (Edit: Erroneous speculation in relation to 'mods' folder slowing game down, see 'Edit:' above (more dlc's do however slow your game down).

    The reg solution is pretty good, no need to restart your PC swapping between the two versions with the only real pitfall being that you might try to go online with the wrong version.
    That could easily be solved though, by using your firewall to completely block the modded version from going online or automate the process with a batch file or something (so you have two shortcuts on your Desktop, one marked 'Online', one marked 'Modded' & the batch file installs the correct reg edits before launching the game so that even if you accidently hit the wrong shortcut you can do no harm. All you lose is a few minutes of time :thumbsup:).
    As for hard drive space, it's about the same as your original vanilla install no longer has the 'mods' folder in it so you save space there :thumbsup:

  • @chonkie
    Just pointing out I edited my previous post quite heavily after conducting a few tests :thumbsup:

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