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Is It Worth Trying To Mod On An Older Game Version Rather Than A New One?

  • I am quite new to modding and GTA V itself, so I am a little bit confused on some aspects of modding. One of the things I have heard is that modding an older version of the game is better than a newer version due to issues with newer game versions. Is this true? I only have very recent versions of the game so I can't just downgrade to an older version on my system, and it seems like a lot of work to find an older version of the game. I am just trying to get some replacement car mods to work, but most mods seem incompatible with my current version of the game by either not working at all, or completely just crashing my game after a few minutes. Will more of these car mods work with an older version of the game? If so, I will do whatever I can to get an older version of the game working. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!


    @BHuff04 car mods will work fine on a newer version. make sure to install these:
    game config (any newer versions on this site)
    heap limit adjuster
    and remember to use a mods folder!

  • @BHuff04
    Have a read over this thread as it covers the basics of replacing in-game vehicles & avoiding memory crashes etc.
    As @Reacon says, replace vehicles will work perfectly fine in any version of the game. No need to downgrade just for that :thumbsup:

    Just remember to do the leg work &:

    • follow the install instructions, no shortcuts
    • Install only one car mod at a time
    • avoid youtube 300+ etc car mod packs like the plague (until you know what you are doing & can fix/edit them yourself)
    • always remove/replace old car upgrades from the carcols file & replace the 'vehicles.meta' data.
    • keep car texture files (.ytd) to a reasonable size (see link)
    • Limit the amount of 4K liveries/textures you have in the '.ytd' or resize them to 1K/2K etc
    • Identify problem game crashing cars & remove them or:
    • Use the:
          <frequency value="20" />
          <maxNum value="1" />

    values in 'vehicles.meta' to limit the amount of modded/big file size/crash causing vehicles that appear in your game at once.

    • Try out different gameconfigs or learn to safely edit the vehicle & ped memory values in the file.
    • Reducing overall traffic spawn rates can help too if your hardware is struggling.


    Aside from memory and resource woes, generally it's better to mod on the latest game version, since mods tend to use new content from recent DLC, like engine sounds etc.

    For scripting, it should not matter which version you are running, but the latest game version usually has the best support, though exceptions apply.


    • When the game just updated, ScriptHookV will need to be updated. In these cases it's better to wait for ScriptHookV to update before updating your game/letting it update.
    • Some script mods use natives that Rockstar removed from the game. Usually these are updated fairly quickly, but others are never updated. Read the comments to prevent script crashes.
    • Some scripts (most of mine, ScriptHookVDotNet) hard(ish)-code some structures to read or change values not accessible via natives. This can break fairly quickly after a fresh update. These scripts are usually also updated quickly after the author gets their hands on an updated ScriptHookV, so you might need to wait a while longer. As usual, try bugging the author.

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