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ERR_MEM_EMBEDDEDALLOC_ALLOC Game memory error. Please reboot and restart the game.

  • Yeah, so I guess title says what my problem is. Game crashing on launch. I am currently remodding my game since I had quite a modmaze in my older game. Now I've installed (or I think, haven't get to test) these mods & stuff: Menyoo, Scripthook V and .net, Map editor, DLC unlocker. I installed also Gameconfig, PackfileLimitAdjuster and HeapAdjuster. None of those has helped... Is there anything I can do?

  • @lordhenubenu
    Since your game is crashing on startup, try out a few different gameconfigs & see if any resolve it. Also go back & try the vanilla gameconfig too. :thumbsup:

    • Remove Map Editor, DLC Unlocker, make sure the 'scripts' folder is empty & also that the 'dlclist.xml' (in 'update.rpf') is the vanilla default while you diagnose.
    • When did the game last work? Have you managed to load it up successfully even once since you reinstalled?
    • Are you using a 'mods' folder & have you edited/changed any of the vanilla '.rpf's in the game folder?
    • Have you edited any '.rpf' archives so far? (ie ones in 'mods' folder?)
    • Can you provide me full (all files) screenshots of the contents of your main 'Grand Theft Auto V' root game folder, your 'mods' folder & the contents of the 'update' folder in the 'mods' folder also? Thanks :thumbsup:

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