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ERR_MEM_EMBEDDEDALLOC_ALLOC Game memory error. Please reboot and restart the game.

  • Yeah, so I guess title says what my problem is. Game crashing on launch. I am currently remodding my game since I had quite a modmaze in my older game. Now I've installed (or I think, haven't get to test) these mods & stuff: Menyoo, Scripthook V and .net, Map editor, DLC unlocker. I installed also Gameconfig, PackfileLimitAdjuster and HeapAdjuster. None of those has helped... Is there anything I can do?

  • @lordhenubenu
    Since your game is crashing on startup, try out a few different gameconfigs & see if any resolve it. Also go back & try the vanilla gameconfig too. :thumbsup:

    • Remove Map Editor, DLC Unlocker, make sure the 'scripts' folder is empty & also that the 'dlclist.xml' (in 'update.rpf') is the vanilla default while you diagnose.
    • When did the game last work? Have you managed to load it up successfully even once since you reinstalled?
    • Are you using a 'mods' folder & have you edited/changed any of the vanilla '.rpf's in the game folder?
    • Have you edited any '.rpf' archives so far? (ie ones in 'mods' folder?)
    • Can you provide me full (all files) screenshots of the contents of your main 'Grand Theft Auto V' root game folder, your 'mods' folder & the contents of the 'update' folder in the 'mods' folder also? Thanks :thumbsup:

  • SOLVED: Go to your Graphics Card software and download the latest update. Add your game's profile to the Graphics Card's list of high-performance games. Right-click This PC icon, select Properties, then click Device Manager, and click on Display Adapters, right-click your graphics card name from the list and select Update Driver. Right-click the icon of the program you are having issues with then select Properties then the Compatibility Tab, uncheck the Windows 8 checkbox then click Run Compatibility Troubleshooter, then click Try Recommended Settings, then click Test the Program then click on the flashing icon on your taskbar below. Your game should run normally now and you can spawn vehicles without the ERR_MEM_EMBEDDALLOC error stopping your game. If you're spawning the USS Dallas submarine in GTA, you also need to start by diving for 2 minutes underwater in the Stromberg or Submersible1 first before spawning the new Submersible3. This clears out the persistence of extraneous peds, vehicles, and other memory-intensive elements in the surface environment by switching to underwater mode that is more suitable for spawning the submarine.

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