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someone to do this mod for me for a paypal donation?

  • Hi everybody,

    I know that the title may hurt you, but I'm not calling for exploitation, far from it.
    To explain a little bit, I usually do some mods for myself and my girlfriend, who is a fan of the MCU and DCU. I also use GTA5 mod when mods are already made and look more interesting than what I can do in my spare time.
    My girlfriend's birthday is coming up, and on occasion, I promised to make her the characters of Avengers Endgame for her GTA5, because she literally loved the movie, and I know she will also like that idea.
    But here it is; during my last manipulation, I made a false manipulation (to my great despair) that ruined my GIMS script on 3ds max 2016. Now the script only displays "can't start the shared core, Failed to download the shared core. May be, it isn't released yet."
    I can no longer complete my project. I was working on a ROCKET RACCOON mod with the "quantum suit" and "infinity War Suit": it was the only one I was missing with WarMachine, but I saw that a mod for the latter already existed, saved.
    But I couldn't find a mod with Rocket in a "Quantum Suit" and "infinity War" outfits.
    To save the surprise, I then appeal to you, the modders of the extreme, a thriving and impressive community.
    I need someone to finish this "Rocket Quantum Suit and infinity War version" mod I was working on.

    I used these textures and existing models already available here: https://www.deviantart.com/ssingh511/art/Rocket-AE-Team-Suit-795575675

    If a charitable soul wants to create this mod and share it here or on the site (as usual, with the files ydd., yft,... etc, I learn you nothing) I promise to reward it graciously via a paypal donation or in any way he wants (but not a car or a house by the beach...)
    My girlfriend's surprise is at stake, I promised her that, and that's priceless.
    Thank you to you

    Edit : thanks for the mod with the following quantum realized by nsh3t !
    All I need now is Rocket in the Infinity War uniform, and I would have finished my long quest;)

  • I will pay someone 100 bucks depending how good the quality is if they can make a MOTLEY CRUE Mick Marrs ped with the top hat and guitar

  • @Nico3mus Maybe Alex can help out of this, try to contact Alex :)

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Venkey

    Hi @Venkey
    Sorry for the late answer. Actually, I have 3 weeks left before I find a savior, fortunately I took the lead:)
    Which Alex are you talking about? I'll take care of contacting him by MP.
    Thank you for your help! ;)

  • @Nico3mus Oh!! no problem friend, maybe i can create a visual models (not peds and vehicles) anyways glad it sorted i think!! : )

  • @Venkey
    thank you for your dedication,
    I already have models available via deviant art, look here:
    my only and last problem is to transform it into a "ped" file that can be used by the game, i.e. ydd, ytd, yff... finally you know the music, all the files that make the model a playable ped.
    I can't do it anymore because my 3dMax script crashed ;)

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