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Root folder not found

  • Hello,

    I am new to the instalation of mods in the game and I have a small problem I would like to find the root of my game but it is not found I did right click on the logo of the game but it me but a launcher but not the game record how is it doing?


  • @Freys
    Right, I got the first part of what you wrote & then it just gets crazy ("but it me but a launcher but not the game record how is it doing"???) :slight_smile: Google translate?

    Find GTAV Root Folder

    The folder that opens after you select 'Open file location' is the root folder. The root folder should be named 'Grand Theft Auto V'

    If it cannot find a folder when you do that, search your install hard drive for 'GTA5.exe' & see if you can find it that way. :thumbsup:

    Keep your communication simple, use full words, make sure you have no spelling mistakes & don't be afraid to repeat things in a different way or type it in your own language so I can tranlate it & we should be able to get past the language barrier :thumbsup:

    How Google Translate will probably translate my last paragraph: (joke :slight_smile:)
    I don't want your thick talk, words are stupid, always have spelling mistakes & I not scared again many times of your people go past our wall again. No shouting. lol

    To be clear, I'm laughing at Google Translate etc, not you :thumbsup:

  • Hello, thank you for your answer
    I made the right click but the problem is that I have the shortcut I have no record


  • @Freys
    Try right-clicking 'GTAVLauncher' > 'Send to' > 'Desktop (create shortcut)' & then use that to launch/start the game. :thumbsup:

    GTAV Create Shortcut

    & then:

    Desktop GTAVLauncher Shortcut

    If you are using any kind of Launcher Bypass mod do the same with 'GTA5.exe' & try running it that way. Hope that helps?

    Let me know if you are still having trouble :thumbsup:

    I don't quite get the "I have no record" part? What do you mean by that?
    Feel free to type your issue in French as I have a friend that will be able to translate :thumbsup:

  • excuse moi c'est que je n’écrivais pas en français je voulais dire que quand je lance le logiciel OpenIV il me demande de trouver la localisation de GTA 5 mais que je vais la ou il este installer mais je ne trouve rien
    est ce qu'il faut que je fasse un dossier et réunir tout les fichiers qui sont en vrac ou pas ? car il sont comme sur la photo que j'ai envoyé

  • @Freys
    Ah, I think I get it now :thumbsup:

    You select the folder (usually 'Grand Theft Auto V') that the game is installed in, not any of the '.exe's

    Vous sélectionnez le dossier (généralement 'Grand Theft Auto V') dans lequel le jeu est installé, mais aucun des fichiers .exe :thumbsup:

    OpenIV Grand Theft Auto V Folder

    OpenIV Grand Theft Auto V Folder

  • justement je ne trouve pas se dossier alors que le jeux est intaler sur mon disque dur et que je peut jouer mais impossible de le trouver

  • @Freys

    Where is your game installed? What is the folder path to the 'Grand Theft Auto V' folder? (hide/change your username if it's in the folder path for security reasons). Can you post it here like this:
    C:\Users\username\My Games\Grand Theft Auto V

    if it's very long that might be why OpenIV can't find it?

    Can you also show me a screenshot of OpenIV > 'Options' > 'Game' tab once you navigate to the 'Grand Theft Auto V' folder & then hit '[Select Folder]'? Thanks


    OpenIV Game Folder Path

  • @Freys
    Also, make sure you are selecting the 'Windows' 'Grand Theft Auto V' link in the OpenIV startup selection box:

    OpenIV Startup Selection

  • 0_1557344569954_upload-c2e518d4-d807-4439-8cbe-d5f162a86793



  • voici tout ce que j'ai trouvé a propos du jeu la dernier photo c'est la ou le jeux est normalement installer sauf que tout les fichier sont en bazar dans le dossier de tout mes jeux
    après je me souviens que j'ai installer le jeux avec la sauvegarde sur le cloud est ce que sa fait quelque chose ?
    est ce que je doit le désinstaller et le réinstaller ?

  • @Freys
    Yeah, that is probably what is messing it up. You want GTA V installed to it's own folder, not in your games folder with other files & other games installed into it's folder.
    You might be able to move the GTA V files to their own 'Grand Theft Auto V' folder & then open a 'Run' command (Windows button+R) & type 'regedit' > OK & then move to this location:

    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto V]

    & set the folder path in the 'InstallFolder' entry to the same as the new 'Grand Theft Auto V' folder & then try again. That might work.

    "InstallFolder"= "Z:\Jeux\Grand Theft Auto V"

    If not, then, yeah, I would reinstall the game to it's own folder & try again with OpenIV. :thumbsup:

  • OMG merci beaucoup je pense avoir réussie merci

  • @Freys
    Nice one :slight_smile: :fingers_crossed:
    Any trouble, give me a shout :thumbsup:

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