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[Mod Idea] Vehicle Showcase - useful or not needed?

  • Edit: It seems the latter option in the title applies to this... so I'll probably scrap the idea.

    So as my current mod is starting to run smoothly, my mind has been tossing round several other ideas, one of which was sparked by seeing the videos on vehicle modders release pages. It got me thinking about the Photomode/Autovista mode in Gran Turismo/Forza, where you can pick locations, place cars, set the time of day etc...

    So my thought is to use the same kind of idea, but to integrate my current camera system, so that it would be a constantly moving and shifting series of camera cuts. It could switch focus to key points on the vehicle, like doors or the bonnet for instance as they opened.

    Unfortunately, I haven't found a way to shift DOF out of the control of the game camera system... yet, so it's not going to be full of customisable effects etc... But if anyone has seen the latest version of my camera mod, you will see that I have added overlays. So in theory, you could have a sequence of these overlays, that would display for fixed periods of time showing info about the car etc... I'm pretty sure these could fade in and out, maybe even blend between two, so as one is fading out, another is fading in.

    So this post is purely to gauge feedback as to whether something like this would be useful or not. My last mod came from a request but as I haven't seen this kind of thing requested, it might not be what people want.

    I can't capture screenshots or video, but you could run something like Fraps or Bandicam and capture the output for uploading as a showcase video.

    So if anyone has any thoughts, throw them in the ring and if enough interest seems to be out there, I might just take this on as my next project.

  • @LeeC2202 Nice idea. We can use the Rockstar Editor to do stuff like that, but we cannot change time and weather after recording a clip.
    Also an ability to open vehicle doors will be nice.

  • Well, 7 hours, 13 views and 1 response... I'm almost being overtaken by a thread that simply has the title "Like" that just erroneously links to another thread.

    I think I should consider that a resounding statement about the need for this mod to exist... it doesn't.

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