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"Vehicle spawn" in add on cars. But no cars spawn

  • I have install a add on car today at the first time.
    When i spawn the car, there are shown that " vehicle spawn". But there are no car spawned in the game. Why this is happening .

  • @Mahmudul456
    Unusual, never had that before?!

    What add-on car are you trying to spawn? Link to the download page :thumbsup:

    Does the car appear in OpenIV's Model Viewer when you double-click on it's '.yft'?

    OpenIV Model Viewer

  • I have installed how the readme.txt said. But it is happening with all add on cars. But if i install .oiv file, then it is successfully done. But there are not so much oiv file. So i am struggling to install new cars. Bro Please help me. Please....

  • @Mahmudul456
    Post a link here to a non-oiv car you are trying to install & I'll run through the install process with you (some of the mod readme's miss stuff/confusing until you know what you are doing etc).
    That it works with an .oiv install is a good sign, we should be able to get them to work :thumbsup:
    First thing, post your 'dlclist.xml' to Pastebin & then post the link to it here for me to have a look at. Thanks

    'dlclist.xml' is here in OpenIV:


  • I have changed also gameconfig for add on vehicle but thats crash the game and say. ScripthookV error something. And i can't find my gameconfig version for my game. My game version is 1.0.350.1.

  • Can you upload gameconfig add on car crash fix for 1.0.350.1 version

  • @Mahmudul456
    You're going to have serious trouble trying to find anything that works on a version of the game that is so ancient. Even Google doesn't know.
    I strongly suggest you update your game & then try modding it again. It will be a lot easier.

    To put it another way:





    The whole experience will be a lot less painful & far more enjoyable once you have updated.

  • @a63nt-5m1th ok bro

  • @a63nt-5m1th Is the update installation delete my progress in game? I mean saved files.

  • @Mahmudul456
    No, it won't delete you're saves, they will be fine :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th thanks bro. After updating game, this problem has been fixed. Now i can spawn add on cars and save them also... Many many thanks bro..

  • @Mahmudul456
    Nice one :slight_smile: :thumbsup: Glad I could help bud :thumbsup:

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