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Add-on Peds crashing game start - stack overflow

  • After a lull in using GTA I started a fresh game. I updated all my stuff and have been pleased to find the mod Addon Peds 3.1 works well, but with NativeUI 1.8 and not the latest.

    I have experienced some Addon Peds that when installed, cause the game to fail during the 'cartoon' load screens.
    Here's one, for example: https://www.gta5-mods.com/player/helena-and-christie-full-facial-animation-author-rarefacer-and-alex189 .
    Some other Ped Addons work perfectly from the start. So why the difference?

    Running an analysis on one of the GTAV DMP files shows memory issues with ntdll.dll. How can straightforward ped addon files can cause such a crash?
    I can examine them in OpenIV, and the YMT files check out OK. So what's the difference between a success and a fail?

    Does anyone please know of a way of getting around these Ped problems so I can use some of the ones that fail?

    Thank you.

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