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Addon vehicles see in traffic

  • When i add a new car, example VANILLA car modifcated, they automaticaly added in AI or scenarios traffic?

  • @marck97
    Edit: See answers lower down. Never noticed you thread topic (addon etc) :thumbsup:

    If you replace a vanilla vehicle with a modded one & it has the same spawn name it will automatically replace the vanilla car everywhere in the game :thumbsup:

    If you've replaced the vanilla vehicle but the vanilla one is still being spawned it is most likely that you just replaced the wrong version of it in OpenIV.

    'Ctrl+F3' can be used to search for things in OpenIV (Tip: Search "mods" folder only), try it out searching for a car name & you will see there are multiple places throughout the game files where that same car is installed. You need to know which one the game is spawning & replace that one :thumbsup:
    Basically, it goes like this (works for all kinds of files, not just vehicles):

    • update.rpf - These are always loaded by the game above any other file location (although vehicle's main model & texture files ('.yft' & 'ytd') are not usually installed here. Their .meta's can be).
    • patchday##ng - These are where you will be installing most of your replace vehicle's model & texture files ('.yft' & 'ytd') & are loaded above files in x64a>w.rpf but are beaten by files in 'update.rpf'
    • x64a>w.rpf - These are only loaded if no other version of the file exists in patchdays or 'update.rpf'

    Another way of doing it is to place your replace vehicles (in the correct location, usually 'vehicles.rpf') in the highest patchday##ng folder structure you have available, even if they don't exist there in the first place.
    Note: If Rockstar release an update to a car in a higher numbered patchday than the one you have used to replace the vehicle your modded car will revert to vanilla. You then just use openiv to find the new file location & copy your modded files over the top of Rockstars new ones :thumbsup:

    Tip: You can use a mod like Easy Mod Folder (EMF) to make the process of replacing vanilla game vehicles super easy. Basically, it creates a dlc in the dlcpacks folder structure & any vehicles placed in there will override & replace the vanilla vehicle of the same name no matter where it's original location is :thumbsup:

    Hope that helps? Let me know if you have any questions/issues :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th This felt like a bot response, he was talking about having add-on vehicles in traffic

    To do that you need to edit vehiclemodelsets and there was another file I forgot the name of, ymt iirc

  • @HeySlickThatsMe
    Nah, no bot response here, just covering the basics :thumbsup: (I came here straight from Google so never read the thread title right enough lol).
    'popgroups.ymt' (unmodified) & 'vehiclemodelsets.meta' (appear modified) for adding add-on vehicles to traffic :thumbsup:. I took his question to mean if he modifies a vanilla car will it automatically spawn on the streets & in scripted scenarios (like in missions etc). My mistake :thumbsup:

  • @marck97 So to paraphrase, popgroups.ymt and/or vehiclemodelsets/meta.

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