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My Game Keeps Crashing While Loading Story Mode

  • Okay I Need Some Help i just recently download the albany whiteliner and i put in and did everything it asked and now when i go to play the story mode it loads for a little bit and crashes back to the desktop and i all i did was replace the vehicles meta file with the one in the mod folder and i try put in a different gameconfig and still does the same thing so any help would be appreciated

  • paste your dlclist to pastebin and link it here

  • Okay How To U Paste To PasteBin I am Sorry I Kinda New To Doing This
    Nevermind Here It Is https://pastebin.com/Q92V6cZY

  • @kballard in your dlclist entry for the trailer, one of the slashes is the wrong way round:


    should be:


  • okay Thanks

  • Fixed The Slash Deal I Just Try It To See If that Fixed it And It Still Crashes On The Loading Screen So I Wonder If Its the Vechile Meta Thing thats causing the issue

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