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How to edit yft files

  • Hey guys, first post here.
    So I would like to know how can I edit an yft file so I can fix a vehicle model I found here, because the interior is glitchy, you can see through the rear doors.

  • @wizzy951
    You can edit '.yft' models using ZModeler 3. :thumbsup:
    You get a 15 day Free Trial & then subscriptions start from $2.92 USD/Month.
    The download link for the software is on the middle-right of the page I link to above :thumbsup:
    You probably want to start by looking for a simple tutorial about it on youtube. Something like this:

    Skip to ~4 min mark to see start of ZModeler3 basics. Best of luck :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th Cheers mate, thank you!

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