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Change radio station in safehouse

  • Is there a way to change the radio station in the safehouses? I know it's not possible ingame but there's gotta be a way to edit the correct file with Open IV. Couldn't find anything about it...

  • mobile radio.asi in native trainer mod, gives radio on foot everywhere

  • I know but that's not the same. I want to keep the "feeling" like the music is coming from somewhere in the house and not like you're using headphones. But thanks for the reply.

  • Anybody? I'm also wondering why it is possible to change it ingame in Online mode but still not in SP mode...

  • that would be cool

  • @Solid-Snake There's a radio in the safehouses? Is it only is certain ones or have I just not seen it? I can't find it in Trevor's trailer or Franklin's second house, only wine, bongs, telescope and TV... oh and the computer.

  • @LeeC2202 In Franklin's house there is this dockingstation for his phone next to his bed (where the mirror is) and upstairs the music comes out of the speakers where his turntables and music records are. Trevor has a radio on his table (where he can sit and drink beer). Online - in apartments - these dockingstations can be used to change radio stations and in garages there is always a radio which works the same.

  • There's a radio in Michael's living room too

  • @Solid-Snake LOL, I must have played this literally hundreds of hours and never noticed them.

    Edit: I've just walked all round Franklin's bedroom, right up to the docking station and get no options to do anything with it... so I'm still none the wiser as to how they work. :confused:

    Doh! Just seen your comment about it being online only... sorry, head full of code, so confusion is easily induced.

    There are two natives that are intriguing me:

    SET_EMITTER_RADIO_STATION(char *emitterName, char *radioStation)
    SET_STATIC_EMITTER_ENABLED(char *emitterName, BOOL toggle)

    It would need someone to check if there are any dummy objects in the safehouse models with a name something like "emitter", maybe near any speakers the sound comes out of.

  • No idea, but in Single Player Apartment mod there's option to switch radios in bought houses, you might contact author, maybe he has some input on this code.

    And btw, I just recommend using SPA mod, it has way better safe houses than vanilla ones, plus prettier and lot more functional.

  • @Forrest-Gimp SPA's source is on GitHub and he appears to be using an undocumented native.

    What it does confirm is that my suspicions about those two natives I mentioned above were correct... it's the other two I have no idea of because one's a hash and the other's a mystery.

    Edit: Interestingly, the function that uses those natives doesn't seem to get called, so maybe it isn't working. Looks like he's just turning the mobile radio on instead.

  • @LeeC2202 Aye, his mod uses mobile radio, just checked out (in game, not code). Which is a good sollution but it's still not the same. Well, if you could operate the dockingstations/radios in vanilla safehouses i would accept mobile radio but I'd rather just change the default radio station in the files. I don't necessarily need to be able to change it ingame.

    You seem to know something about coding but unfortunately I'm not familiar with it at all so the source code is kinda useless to me.

  • @Solid-Snake So what you want, is just the ability to have the mobile radio active while you're anywhere in the safehouses, or just the rooms where the docking stations are?

  • @LeeC2202 Neither, I just want to change the standard radio station in Franklin's house (can't stand hip hop, I know, first world problems...). Doesn't matter if by just changing a file or by being able to change it with the dockingstation. Just like it's possible in Online.

  • @Solid-Snake See here's my problem... I don't have music in Franklin's house, so I can't tell how it works... that's why I thought it was something that needed adding. :confused:

  • @LeeC2202 Oh ok, never had that problem.

  • @Solid-Snake Do you need to do anything to turn it on, or should it just be playing all the time when you're in the safehouse?

  • @LeeC2202 It plays automatically as soon as you enter the house. And each character has his own standard radio station. The only way to turn it off is by turning on the tv.

  • @Solid-Snake I've just put my headphones on and turned up the volume and I can just about hear it. During normal gameplay through my surround speakers, I can't hear it... that's why I thought it wasn't playing. So we're getting somewhere... :)

    I'll have a proper look at this tomorrow now, I just don't understand why the volume is so low, but saying that, the in-car radio isn't that loud and I have the music volume set to full.

  • You know, I do hope that we can find out how to do it. The Yacht Delux mod had the radio working just as well as it did in GTA Online.

    It would be nice to be able to change the radio station in the safe house. There are also those radios that spawn on the beach at certain times of day too. As for the Online apartments, the radio isn't done correctly in Single Player Apartment. I'mNotMentaL settled for on foot radio because he said that the correct way was too complicated. It may have something to do with the radio in the apartments playing out of multiple sources. I believe there actually are speakers around the apartment so you can hear it throughout, which aren't sources that allow for changing the station.

    Ether way, I still hope that I'mNotMentaL looks into it further, and adds the radio to the apartments correctly because the mobile radio takes away from the immersion. As far as the Single Player safe houses go, or the radios on the beach that spawn, it may be possible to change them. However, they are possibly tied to the ysc scripts, or even done by something else. If the radio already in there can be removed, our own can be added.

    But now that I think about it, I don't think the radio plays in Michael's house when his family is gone. But in all of the other safe houses, it seems to play all the time. Also, if I remember correctly, the radio stops when you watch TV, so it is probably controlled by the Rockstar scripts.

    But regarding ambient music in interiors, I wonder about adding music to Bahama Mamma's. We have map editor mods to add peds, and we know how to get music to play in interiors, so we can add the one thing the place is missing. Music.

  • @LeeC2202 Zipporaid found some natives on his topic https://forums.gta5-mods.com/topic/720/raider-s-requests/2

    SET_EMITTER_RADIO_STATION(char *emitterName, char *radioStation) // ACF57305B12AF907 87431585

    PLAY_STREAM_FROM_OBJECT(Object object) // EBAA9B64D76356FD C5266BF7

  • Looking through the scripts, so far I have come across several entries like this:


    That I can only presume are the Static Emitters, but for Trevor, there are also these:


    Which are used in the SET_EMITTER_RADIO_STATION Native.. however, those are also used in the SET_STATIC_EMITTER_ENABLED as well. Some look like they are used in cut-scenes or pre-scripted situations and the only radio station I have seen mentioned up to now, is:


    So I don't know if that means that there are special audio files that go with the emitters... it's going to take more investigation to find out but I'm trying to balance investigating other things with getting my camera mod finished.

    If anyone can shed any light on this, or can maybe get other authors who have used (or tried to use) these involved, that will make things much easier.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @LeeC2202 Where can you get the scripts (sorry if stupid question)?

  • @Solid-Snake http://www.dev-c.com/gtav It's Alexander Blade's site, click the Decompiled scripts link.

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