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  • I cant change wheels for some addon cars
    Any solutions?
    Thank you in advance

  • I've a few.

    1. Actually read what each section of this forum is meant for, namely the pinned/stickied posts at the top of each one as noted by the pin shape next to them.

    2. When asking for support of any kind, Provide Details and Be Specific on the problem instead of being vague. We can't read minds and it's rude to assume that we do.

    3. RTFM of the mod you're installing. Sometimes they mention things that may not be working yet. This comes more into the solution after seeing point 2 above...

    I'm not saying these things to be an a^^hole, but it's basic common sense stuff that isn't hard to do, and doing these things will help you in the long run of being able to get support that's more accurate and quick because of helping others to help you.

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