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Can anyone make the best random-target hitman mod?

  • For me, playing the hitman mod on random targets is obviously the funniest time in this GTA V world.

    Because not only it is essentially criminal, it also goes with a new advanced police dispatch mod (like FTFR.. etc), and also it naturally leads me to wander around the broad map to enjoy traveling its broad landscape.

    But unfortunately it seems like no more new hitman mod has been released or updated for long time. If I can do then I want to create my own and distribute it to others, but I don't know how.

    Is there anyone to release a new random-target hitman mod?

    If there is, what I personally wish for the mod is..

    1. Random targets should be possibly spawn on 'all' the proper places of the whole map (to lead the player to travel and wander around enough while playing it), including at a desert, forest, seashore, or trail.. etc, not only at the city of high population density.

    2. Don't add any new type of pedestrians. It just might mess up with other mods. But please take advantage of already existing peds. That's intuitively simpler in context.

    3. Many types of target: like a normal & plain pedestrian or an critical weapon-equipped one, walking on foot or driving in a vehicle & sitting in a passenger side, protected by bodyguards, even booby trapped for self-explosion or under police watch to raise wanted level immediately when hit.

    4. The targets should be possibly distributed on the whole map, not only in some area - for example: only in downtown. It is boring to wander around some restricted area.

    5. A player must leave the crime scene far enough just after his assassination, and then soon, after a while, (after losing cops if it happened) gets its success reward and automatically be assigned to another new random target within a specific range. (The target-appearance maximum range and minimum run-away range can be modified in an ini file)

    6. The person who assigns hitman mission targets to a player, if he exists, should be absolutely hidden-faced and anonymous on the contact - even though a character contacts with him using his phone.

    7. The mod activation key is also manually settable in an ini file. - not to be duplicated with other mods' keys.

    .. etc.

    Now many currently-uploaded hitman mods are satisfying just some of, not all of, those conditions. So I feel sad for that (even though I feel pretty thanksful to all its developers).

    I would appreciate VERY MUCH if any new good hitman mod is released and uploaded.

    :D :four_leaf_clover:

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