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Can you change the lightning color?

  • Does anyone know how to change the color of lightning in Gta 5? Either a mod or the location of the lightning files would be helpful. I would like to make the lightning red for the thor mod, which would look really cool.

  • @jfosterbraves1


    Usual locations:


    These are the 'vfxlightningsettings.xml' settings you will be most interested in:

        <LightColor value="0xFF182330" />
        <BaseColor value="0xFF1A2137" />
        <FogColor value="0xFFE5EAFF" />

    Those are my modded values. Try them to confirm setting changes in-game etc :thumbsup:

    There are also timecycle modifiers in 'timecycle_mods_1.xml' & 'timecycle_mods_2.xml' that control the flashes of light that happen in a lightning storm. Search for 'lightning' in the 'timecycle_mods_#' files & you'll find them :thumbsup:

    For editing the actual lightning strike I suggest you have a look at the '9. Precise Thunder Bolts' in 'Optional Add-Ons' folder in NVR & see what edits have been made there. :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th oh my god thank you. I'm so sorry I'm replying 5 months later. I got a new phone awhile ago and just logged back into this. Thanks for letting me know as this is still useful to me

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