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best mod zombies?

  • i need a mod of zombies for gta v good.no only zombies in the city,Or people running scared and or cars driving them.YouTube and seen a mod zombies bite you and jump high
    please a link for a mods this type.
    pardon for my english

    posdate:please,respond this too:
    i have the model skin of batman,and i like change for example trevol o Michael.
    in openiv where is the direction folder for can replace this?(trevol,o Michael)
    example: mods-x64a-model-ectr..... where is this models?

  • @ubtri
    thanks,but this mods have only zombies.i need zombies and people(normal),running ,o say help.and new skin zombies(tipe prototipe,left 4 dead,dyninglive),for can change the skin for this news.
    posdate: some mods zombies have mode history?

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