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Model textures messed up in-game but in OpenIV and 3DS not

  • Hi,
    I have one problem I am making custom t-shirt combined with hoodie and motorcycle vest from Online everything works fine but textures are messedup in-game I was checking it in 3DS and OpenIV and the textures was fine but when I am in-game and wearing this custom t-shirt I have messedup textures. So I wanted to ask where is problem or how to fix it, thanks.

  • You should upload some photos. Messedup textures with the character body or with another clothes or with what? if with body the problem is in positions or dimetrials of the model. I never created models so I cant tell you exactly what it is, my opinion is just fro using a lot of mods. But someone who work with that should need at least photos for more details I think.

  • Okay I will upload some pictrues tomorrow and no body and other parts are fine just upper part that one I moddified is messed up.

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