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How to add more seat into Vehicles??

  • I just download a Bicycle Model mod that replaced the Cruiser, look like the model had a seat back.... Now i want to add one more seat for Passenger to Cruiser bicycle. just like Motorbike, how can i do that??, Which line i should change in Handling.meta???0_1558075316012_upload-ce12d5b6-c84f-47b4-ac57-23eb8e13e4c7

    • Link of the mod

  • @Aquamarina You can turn that into a back seat but you must first load the model in Zmodeler3 and add a passenger dummy to the part of the model where you want the passenger to sit. If the model does not designate an area for a passenger to sit, changing the meta info wont do anything.

  • Is there a tutorial on how to do that? I would really appreciate if you could show me one or make one, if it's not possible that's fine too. Thank you!

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