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Kratos leviathan axe with exact functionality

  • All the mods which I have searched related to axe are either just textures .

    Can someone who is capable make that axe which not is just for look but with functionality.

    Like you can throw and call it back with the same projectile motion and rotate/swinging animation.

    Is it possible ? Player should also have the animations related to grabbing and throwing similar to kratos in GOW 4 .


    @Utkarsh as far as i’m aware, you’d need to make custom animations for this but i’m pretty sure that isn’t possible

  • @Reacon Why ?

    If its not possible then how all these Iron man , ghost rider etc mods were made ? They are much more complex I believe .
    Can JulioNB help ?
    I really wanna do this please . Can you ask somebody who know where to start ?

  • @Utkarsh It is possible, but would take time. Ask Julionib as he’s more aware and professional for these types of scripts.

  • @MegaDeveloper how to contact him ? His patreon page shows his VIP discord which is private.

    I don't use Twitter and I have msged on his page on FB.

    Ok looks like I have to wait.

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