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How to add a new seat onto vehicles??

  • I just download a Bicycle Model mod that replaced the Cruiser, look like the model had a seat back.... Now i want to add one more seat for Passenger to Cruiser bicycle. just like Motorbike, how can i do that??, Which line i should change in Handling.meta???
    Link of the mod

  • I never created 3D model but from using and editting mods I can say that I think it have to be made first of all in model options and then in meta files so until the model is not unlocked I am not sure if you are able to add there a sit :disappointed_relieved:

  • You need to create a own layout file based on the current bike layout. I would like to explain it more detailed but its need his own thread and many things that i haven't tested. But that is basically what it is. Look in your vehicles.meta what layout your bike is using.

  • hello sir. have u resolve this problem?

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