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Please make a new fire fighter mod. :D

  • As you know, the traditional missions in GTA series for police, ambulance, and firefighter are eliminated in the GTA5. But fortunately now I can use the uploaded vigilante and paramedic mod as proper alternatives for each police and ambulance mod. (They are made by different developers, but both of them starts its mission by pressing number '2' key)

    But unfortunately, now there is no proper firefighter mod that I can just take the fire truck and start missions by simply pressing the button '2'. Actually there is one mod which resembles it, but I don't like it because it forces me to do start a mission as a totally new character after I'm suddenly teleported to a different place.

    So I would highly appreciate if someone releases a new firefighter mod which

    1. I can start simply by getting in any fire truck

    2. I can start & end mission by pressing the number '2' key.

    3. The difficulty climbs as a player progress through the levels, and as does the pay too,
      and also

    4. It would be better if you add a flame-thrower weapon when you deal with the 'fire'. - optional though.


    I want to make and release my own mod if I can, but now I don't know hot to do it. So I ask for it here.

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