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Menyoo Spooner

  • Hello, everybody,

    I'm trying to bite my way through the card right now. Now I had a nice idea but unfortunately I am running into my limits. I wanted to set up a barrier that would go up automatically when you drive up. Unfortunately this does not happen. If I do something wrong. Hope someone can help me.

    Besides, has the Menyoo trainer possibly already found bumps to slow down?!


  • @viechi2001 Not all props work so this might be one of them. Can’t really solve this, but you can find an alternative working prop for it.

  • @viechi2001 Menyoo and placing doors/gates don't work well together, like not at all. Use CodeWalker, make a ymap, easy and done. That toll arm behavior is controlled in the doortuning.meta and doortuning.ymt. The toll arm should just work like vanilla if you make your map in CW and you don't adjust the tuning.

    You can alter the arm's behavior if you want to, that's how I customized the gate for my mod to only open for my players and no peds or police. Also adjusted the activation box size. Search doortuning in OpenIV, copy over the ymt and meta locations to mods folder. Open the doortuning file (doesn't matter ymt or meta, they both contain the same data), search for that prop name, it will show you the ModelToTuneMapping which shows you the prop name and which TuningName it uses. now copy and paste that tuning name in the search bar of the file you're in and it will show you the NamedTuningArray and all of the different parameters and whatnot.

    I copied the tuning name array, pasted it at the bottom of the same section and renamed it and changed the settings. Then add a new ModelToTuneMapping with the name of the custom prop and the name of the new custom tuning I made. Then copied the gate I used, put it in the game, renamed it and had it use my new tuning. One of the file types you can edit in OIV, the other I had to drag to my desktop and use notepad++, can't remember which one off the top of my head. You can then copy and paste the changes you did in the file to the other file type. Then place your modded ymt and meta files into OIV. Oh yeah, make sure all the files you are making changes to are in your MODS folder.

    This pic will be what comes up when you search for the prop name in either the meta or ymt file.
    alt text

    This pic will be what comes up when you search for the tuning name that you find in the first search.
    alt text

  • You can do this in menyoo.

    • make sure your gate is not dynamic
    • get the properties of your gate
    • go to triggerfx
    • add a new fx
    • select freeze
    • change the fx to "unfreeze"
    • activate the fx right now to test it out

    Next time you load your menyoo mod, just make sure that "turn on activites" is on. That way all your doors will swing open on their hinge and all electric gates will open as your approach.

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