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Dinput8.dll logs me out of Social Club

  • I have a few mods and dinput8.dll in my GTA 5 directionary and if I start up GTA my Social Club window is open and if I go back to the loading screen it says that I'm not logged in. When I delete it from my directionary everything works. Anyone else having this issue ?

  • @flying_bulletzzz Are you running steam or a cracked version?

  • @MegaDeveloper I aint no crackhead.
    JK i use the legit and non-steam version of GTA and the latest one. This Bug only appears when i have the dinput8.dll in my directionary.

  • @flying_bulletzzz Some mods may be outdated therefore would cause bugs. What mods do you have? Scripthook is the base that is required for all .dll and etc scripts. Once you remove scripthook, no scripts will work.

    You should remove all mods and install them one by one to identify the culprit that is causing this issue.

  • @MegaDeveloper Well as I said, dinput8 is causing the issue. I already removed every other mod including asi's, various scripts and my mods folder and none of them are the issue. Only the dinput8.

    Watch your Death
    Scenario Groups
    and other that i won't count because i have a lot installed.

  • @flying_bulletzzz Honestly you might have to reinstall the game if the only script you had was d8. But that’s only when nothing else will work.

    When did you first encounter this issue? Was it when you installed a script and then it started to cause this problem? Or it just happened out of nowhere? If you have car mods, try and install a gameconfig.

    If that fails then you might as well do a fresh install of the game :disappointed:

  • @MegaDeveloper I had a lot of bugs that I somehow fixed and i didn't have to reinstall the game, and so it will be with this one. The first GTA installation took me around 12 hours and im not gonna do it again, but to answer your question: It happened out of nowhere, like i was playing normally and i left the game, then i started it again after 2 hours or so and this happened.

  • @MegaDeveloper
    Now I get the Social Club login error when I have Menyoo (newest version) instead of d8 in my directory. I downloaded a new launcher from the Rockstar Support site and now I have this crap.

  • @flying_bulletzzz Honestly I’m not a full expert on solving these type of issues, but I suggest you go on the other gta forums as they are more specialized in that area.


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