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[SCRIPT] Map water and traffic boundary crack

  • Hey guys,

    when it comes to real map modding of GTA 5, some of you will notice that most GTA 5 maps are overlapping with other map mods on they position. The reason for that is, that something like custom water quads, traffic and such can only be created at a specific area. The area define where these type of map elements can be created. If something is outside of it, it will not work correctly. When you create custom water mesh objects, it will act like fake water, because the collision will not react outside of this area. Also the underwater world which you get as a very blueish blurry atmosphere is also not working outside of it.

    On the other side, you see so many map mods for GTA 5 that are too much near to the GTA V map. You can see it from the other side. GTARandom aka EncryptedReality created a VC map mod a few years ago. He placed the map far away on the ocean. It was never been finished, because something like traffic and flat water is not able to work outside there without any scripts.

    When you look at the following picture, you will notice how tiny the water quad area is. Water quads are basically the type of water in GTA 5, which can be adjusted in his single elements like wave height...
    But everything outside of this area is the basic dynamic ocean water. Thats why @ryanm2711 created a script for his map mods to flatten the water around his maps.
    alt text

    I've heard so many times that many people working on a boundary crack script. But i didn't met any progress or something offical from them. If you take a look at the GTA San Andreas modding community, they already cracked it there. So they was able to create amazing map mods like GTA:United or simular, where you really need to travel over the water to meet those maps.

    Luckly we already have these 2 mods which cracks the world limits area already.
    Special thanks to @Unknown_Modder and @SonofUgly

    With this thread i want to spread this mod idea.

    Leave your feedback here ;)

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