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New lore friendly car manufacturer : Voxel

  • Hello, I don't know how to link my other topic about rebadging but I want to explain more about "voxel". I was thinking about a massive rebadging pack (other topic) and I remember 2 cars of the good old gta 2d: the voxel concept and the reno 17TL and I created a story for the new voxel brand implementation in the game.

    Here's the deal:
    " Voxel (Vo-Xel) was formerly known to be one of the oldest european automotive brand, created by Tamio Nivo and Cabel D'Axel in 1904 in their need for performance cars.
    In 1926 they release their first serial model in association with another upcoming euro company known as Benefdurg: this was the "Voxel-Benef. Brigham" wich was a best seller from day one.
    In 1929 Searching for fame over the world 2 brigham were prepared to race at Le mans but unfortunately something went wrong, the second car driven by Tamio Nivo himself had a failure causing the death of the CEO...
    Dark times for Voxel as Benefdurg finaly broke the contract and associates with Actor Trucks.
    Voxel stop making cars and get into the kitchen furniture business with no luck.
    In 1967 in a last try to avoid bankrupt they released a concept but it wasn't that good, one year after, Drew D'Axel the new ceo was found dead by suicide.

    In 1977, John DeLamontagne, a Reno car dealer, decides to buy the rights for Voxel, and sold dozens of outdated Reno 17TL under "Voxel
    Concept II" badge. With the benefits, DeLamontagne owns Reno company one year later and turn it in a sport and racing section for Voxel pilots.
    After the gold and the lights of the 80', Voxel's specialisation since 1992 is rebadging average cars from all over the world and selling them cheaper, taking advantage of Reno's section to achieve good results in competition."

    So, Any modder interested into making a lore friendly "renault fuego" as Reno 17TL/Voxel Concept II, I'm allready making the logos, emblems and visual identity.
    I don't know how to 3d mod, I only know texture modding, so any idea is good to take a look.

    Ps: some one can explain how to link my other topic in this one?

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