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[HELP] I have a problem when using the Grand Theft Space mod

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  • Everything loaded but unable to fly in space, I download all required files from their description and there no graphic mods. I'm using latest patch from Steam and its clean, any clues because really want this mod more than any other over here?! :)

  • I see you're on the island with the shuttle, but don't see the shuttle blip on your radar, could just be hidden because of other blips. Have you done the missions you need to do before you go to space? If you have or once you do, to enter the shuttle, go near it and you will see a prompt to press F (iirc) to enter the shuttle, then you'll have to press another button to launch, then the sequence starts.


    @LDF Please the next time don't use a link as title, just put something relevant for members to know how they can help you.

  • @chonkie its fixed just downloaded older version of no boundary limit and now can go to space

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