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Accidentally overwrote bati2.yft, bati2.ytd and bati2+hi.ytd Files from x64e.rpf files

  • Hi guys! I need your help. While being tired getting mods to work, I overwrote the original
    files in the gtav\mods\x64e.rpf\levels\gta5\vehicles.rpf file.

    Could someone please either using openIV software OR using winzip open the .rpf file and extract a copy of those files and upload them please? Please upload each individual file seperately and not in a zip folder. I can't use zip or rar right now due to a software issue. Please!

    Please help guys!

  • @MR-SOCCER I saw something the other day about this, it says this in the site rules about things that are not allowed.

    Offensive comments directed at other users
    Offensive images, including any nudity
    Discussions about malware or pirated content
    Download links to original GTA V game files (including pirated content or subsets of files)
    Discussions about modding GTA: Online with the intent of cheating
    Discussions about console modding
    Derailing/hijacking threads by other users with questions/posts on a topic unrelated to the main post

    So it's not allowed on the site. There's a way to get files back though I think, a verify files option. My BF knows more but he's not here right now. If you search for "gtav files verify" or something, you'll probably find it.

    <3 L


    The site rules:

    @MR-SOCCER As @LeannaRed pointed out, is forbidden to upload and link original game files to the site. That's because it could be a way of support to piracy (which we don't support) and no one of us want Take-Two to send their lawyers to us.

    How to find the original files on your own unmodded game:

    Since I see you're using the mods folder, you don't need anyone to send their files to you. Just use the search feature of OpenIV ("Ctrl + F3") and find files with the name "bati2.". The results should show you 1 or more paths which contain the "patchdayngX" word, where the "X" means the highest number. Actually there are 18 or 19 different "patchdayng" folders (I don't remember the exact number), so the X of the folder name can be a number from the value 1 to value 18-19.

  • @Reyser Hi Reyser!!!!!!!

    I am so sorry! I didn't know!!!! Sorry for the trouble and thank you so much for your time and effort in responding!!!!!

    Sorry again, please have a good day!!

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