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Downloaded GTA V via Social Club, not Steam. Where to store modded files?

  • So I downloaded some mods for GTA V from here and I'm trying to save them but i can't find the folder containing ie. GTA V/MenyooStuff/Vehicles. I've searched high and low through my files and i can't find what i need anywhere. Anyone else downloaded directly via social club and not steam that can help direct me?

    I just need to figure out where to save the mod files so that i can use them in-game. Thanks for any input.

  • @Madskillsguy They’re pretty much the same, Menyoo is a trainer goes into the root folder of gta 5. All Menyoo files that came with the download go into the root folder.

    Menyoostuff does not come with the installation of gta 5, but is apart of Menyoo when you download it. If that’s what you meant.

    For mod files, if it’s a .dll, most likely go into your “Scripts” folder which you need to create and put into the root folder.

    .asi files go into the root folder.

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