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Block new updates (new biker update 4.10.2016)

  • For all who want to wait for a new update till a new scripthook is out, start GTA5 in offline mode.

    Alternative 1: You disconnect the internet wlan when playing GTA5.
    Alternative 2: Go to Windows firewall, advanced settings, inbound rules, new rule, programm, path (select GTA5.exe), connection blocked, go on, and give a name. Do this steps for all GTA5 .exe files. Afterwards do the same for outbound rules.

    In this way you won't have to wait for scripthook update because of a broken game. Thanks.

  • And when a new scripthook is out?

    1. Play GTA5 with internet connection (Wlan on/ Firewall rules delete).
    2. Let's update the game and end the game.
    3. Install new scripthook.
    4. Refresh the GTA5/mods folder --> copy update/update.rpf (new updated!) into the GTA5/mods/update folder, overwrite and reinstall all mods which used the update.rpf archive. Otherwise you will probably have errors.
    5. All other mods (asi., scripts) should work without changes.

  • is there any way to see what are the new files from the patch ? i don t want to reinstall all my mods etc can i copy just the new files in my old update.rpf ?

  • @Himura As far as I know you have to replace the old update.rpf (in the mod folder) with the new update.rpf. So, you have to reinstall all mods which modified update.rpf archiv. Sorry.

  • @Marcel2015 I just tried your firewall method. Sadly it did not work. I selected offline mode. Then signed in. It said I signed in offlinein tip right corner then said the Rockstar servers were unable to activate my account... even tho ive been playing for months lol smh oh well. It was worth a shot.

  • @Weirdoutworld Sorry for that. In my case it worked. I didn't have to activate my account. And what happens when you start the game without WLAN connection (Fly Mode)?

  • @Marcel2015 "Rockstar games was unable to activate your account & connect to the Rockstar games server (209)" Its ok. I got my new modded update.rpf running. Guess Ill just wait for scripthookV. Lol

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