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I REALLY need help with some LOD's!!!

  • Just as the title says, I CANNOT make LODs for some reason. If I modify Rockstar's models, everything is fine. But If I try to creat anything new (or copy anything from a separate yft), my problems begin. I have tried everything I have seen. My _hi models are fantastic. And if I just run the _hi file also for the low file, it works without problems. But thats bad for the games stability so i want to do them right.
    I have tried:

    Removing instance and copy, then using optimize and adding back as l1 l2 etc. Game either says corrupt instantly, or crashes right after the model has been seen from memory error.

    Copy, do not change anything, and add back as l1 l2 l3 etc. Another bad practice, but followed it in a online tut. Game says corrupt the instant it spawns.

    Scratch building lower poly versions and adding them as l1 l2 etc. Game says corrupt instantly.

    Exporting as OBJ so I can make the changes using pro-optomizer in 3ds max. Max freezes on 'importing material'.
    Importing to max WITHOUT textures leads to hours of remapping the models after putting them back into zm3. Then the game just crashes instantly saying corrupt.
    Import to max as .3ds which makes the model so out of proportion its not even worth trying.
    Scratch building all models in Max and exporting as OBJ and importing into zm3, mapping everying, and game crashes on model spawning.
    Over the last 5 weeks I have tried this with Zm2, zm3, max 2009, max 2011, max 2016, max 2019, Blender 2.79.

    Importing a rockstar default model, I can literally move ONE vert, export, and the game says corrupt!

    I am NOT new to modeling or modding, please see my youtube channel 'FOXUNITONE'. I have tuts on scratch building models, texturing, LOD, COL, map ambiance, etc. and all programming needed for creating GTA SA mods, peds, vehicles and maps/map objects. Been doing max since 2006. So this has me beyond ready to just give up. I thought GTA SA was stupidly touchy, if V is this much worse I may just stop doing this. Can someone PLEASE help me or look at my files and see if YOU can make a working LOD? I have been working on this for HOURS every night after work. It shouldnt take me a MONTH of study and trial and STILL no proper working LODs. I have looked and looked on forums and youtube and all I find is 8 billion tuts on 'adding a light bar'. I need some actual help here from someone PLEASE.

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