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dlcpacks spawning c# ?

  • i know its asking alot but can any body help with showing me how to code a addon car into a script , im going by vehicle selector , any ways to make this grab dlcpacks instead please ?

            UIMenu subMenu = _menuPool.AddSubMenu(sub4, "~b~Vehicle Selector", "Click to view ~b~Vehicle Selector");
                List<dynamic> listOfVehicles = new List<dynamic>();
                VehicleHash[] allVehicleHashes = (VehicleHash[])Enum.GetValues(typeof(VehicleHash));
                for (int i = 0; i < allVehicleHashes.Length; i++)
                    listOfVehicles.Add(allVehicleHashes [i]);
            UIMenuListItem list = new UIMenuListItem("Vehicle: ", listOfVehicles, 0);
                UIMenuItem getVehicle = new UIMenuItem("Get Vehicle");
                subMenu.OnItemSelect += (sender, item, index) =>
                    if (item == getVehicle)
                        int listIndex = list.Index;
                        VehicleHash hash = allVehicleHashes[listIndex];
                        Ped gamePed = Game.Player.Character;
                        Vehicle v = World.CreateVehicle(hash, gamePed.Position, gamePed.Heading);
                        gamePed.Task.WarpIntoVehicle(v, VehicleSeat.Driver);

  • so im still stuck on this topic , i have manged to create a ped selector out of this , ive manged to write another code which grabs addon vehicles name by name , but not able to use this script to find all addon vehicles as a list ? any help would be great ;)

  • Not possible without reading the memory of GTA V directly, or writing the addon vehicle models in a text file and reading that text file.
    This mod reads the memory directly, but it is in C++: https://github.com/E66666666/GTAVAddonLoader

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