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Puerto Rico mods/textures needed

  • Hi! Im new here and am wondering if this is the correct forum where to ask for new mods.

    Specifically I'd love to see more Latin mods, beginning with my country of Puerto Rico. There is a huge lack of anything Puerto Rico related here and we have some great companies I'd love to see represented here! As well as some Puerto Rican celebrities.

    Pueblo Supermarkets store or truck
    La New York department stores store or truck
    Gonzalez Padin store or truck
    Deportes Salvador Colom store or or truck
    Prinair heron airplane
    Vieques Air Link trilander airplane
    La Gloria store or truck
    Humberto Vidal store or truck
    Medalla beer truck
    R&S Sales truck
    Dn Q rum distillery or truck

    Menudo music group's logo and 1980-82 lineup
    Boxers Wilfred Benitez, Macho Camacho and Wilfredo Gomez
    Dancer Iris Chacon
    Daddy Yankee

    Thanks and God bless you!!!!!

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