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Custom maps don´t work.

  • Hey there everybody!
    At the moment I`m playing GTA 5 with mods(1) and so I wanted to add the map the finishing touches with Forests of San Andreas v1.7 and Los Santos International Airport v1.6
    I installed everything like the instructions told and even used the recommended gameconfig, the HeapAdjuster and the PackfileLimitAdjuster. After the installation of both the map didn´t change any bit so there has to be an error.
    Can anyone give me a solution ?
    Thx for any replies

    Version: 1604.1 (latest)

    • Redux 1.6
    • M.V.G.A.
    • Reshade + Enb
    • Trees add-on Paleto bay
    • some Car add-ons

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