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Exhaust backfire disable ?

  • i have a question about car mod, many cars have so much exhaust backfire, how can i reduce it ?

  • Go into the folder of your car mod with OpenIV. It should look like this : GTA V/mods/update/x64/dlcpacks/depends on your car mod/dlc.rpf/data.

    Then open the vehicles.meta file by double-left clicking, when you're inside look for a line called "<vfxInfoName>SOMETHING</<vfxInfoName>. Memorize what is wrote between the <vfxInfoName> container(In the example,SOMETHING). You can CTRL+C what is written in the middle to ease the research after.

    Once you've got the VFX info name, go to : GTA V/mods/update/update.rpf/x64/data/effects.
    Inside the "effects" folder, there is a file called "vfxvehicleinfo.ymt", right click on it and select "Edit"(you need to be in Edit Mode otherwise it won't appear).

    Once inside press CTRL+F and paste the line you copied by using CTRL+V and you should find something like this : <Item type="CVfxVehicleInfo" key="DEPENDS OF WHAT YOU'RE LOOKING FOR> then scroll down until you see this :

      <backfirePtFxEnabled value="true"/>
      <backfirePtFxRange value="30.00000000"/>*

    You can desactive it completly by putting the backfirePtFxEnabled value on False like this : <backfirePtFxEnabled value="false"/>

    You can reduce or up the range(value depends on the car) like this <backfirePtFxRange value="15.00000000"/> <backfirePtFxRange value="60.00000000"/> for example.

    Don't forget to click the SAVE button and you're ready to launch your game and see how it is now.

  • @MrQuiche
    thank you so much for your tutorial .

  • How to make the backfire very aggressive?

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