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I have a problem with gta 5 redux

  • so i downloaded redux and when i try to enter the game and when the window of the game pops up after 5 seconds it crashes and says
    "gta 5 has stopped working"
    can anyone help me?

  • Try the reshade 2.0 trick.
    Rename dxgi.dll to ReShade64.dll.
    In enblocal.ini. near the top, change dxgi.dll to ReShade64.dll

    If your still crashing delete the contents of the Reshade folder in main directory leaving it empty & launch. Once your in the game, alt-tab out & copy-paste the reahade contents from redux back into the reshade folder. Enter game & change resolution to refresh reashade.

    Thats what works for me.

  • still crashes.. :(

  • Make sure you have read the readme. Copy update and x64 folders to your mods folder, copy common.rpf to your mods folder, and copy x64a through x64w into your mods folder, the mods folder is required. Next, install the oiv in the archive into your game folder. The archive has the mods folder in it but not all the content it needs, so make sure you have done the step above. Next install patchday one, it is one the same website you downloaded redux from. Hopefully this will work for you, if not, it has to be another mod!

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