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First Person Driving Camera View

  • Hey guys, I was wondering if it's currently possible to change the view of the first-person driving mode.
    I want to be able to see the logo of the steering wheel while driving.

    Normal view:

    Is it possible to keep the view like this at all times without having it go back to the 'Normal view'

    Thanks <3

  • From a purely "graphics 101" perspective, I think it should be possible by editing zoom or aperture width values of the first person view - increasing FoV would make the logo visible by logic. However, I don't know which files you need to modify.

    Finding a way to broaden the first-person FoV is a much needed feature to be honest, given how ridiculously narrow it is in vanilla version. 40 degrees... wow, seriously? Rockstar characters must suffer from a severe case of tunnel vision. :)

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