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[NEED HELP] Converting SP ped clothes to MP

  • Hello. I'm trying to convert some clothes from SP Peds to MP freemode ped (that is used in multiplayer GTA/fivem, etc). I'm trying to convert this The Lost MC to MP:

    So, how i read in many many posts, and see in some videos (doing the inverse process, converting a MP clothe to SP), I need a .skel MP freemode model, so, I'm using this .yft file as .skel file, and using the name of the file as "g_m_y_lost_03 FULL.skel"

    I save this file with the new name in the same folder as I extracted the vest model, and then I open my 3dsmax and load the model, and like I read, I left just the model and load a model from MP freemode to use the skel model for the vest, so, I attach to the MP clothe extracted the MC vest and delete the MP. Export it and replace with a jaquet from bikers DLC, but in the game it don't fit the MP ped model... It get glitched and I already tryed everything to solve this problem... I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Can someone help me? Thank you!

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