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Convert SP clothes to MP

  • This might be a noobie question, but I've been trying to convert Franklin's Baseball jacket and replace it with one of the MP male baseball jackets. I began my attempts by simply dragging the .ydd and .ytd files over to the directory where the jacket I wanna replace is (mplowrider, a DLC pack), didn't work. Even tried to work it out in 3DS Max without success, googling the issue didn't help out either.

    Please help me out with this.

  • I would highly appreciate a link to anything that would guide me closer to the answer of my question.

  • @iGhoul You have to ,,rig" the model using also the .yft but sadly J can't give you more advice since I don't it either. Maybe you can find a tutorial on Youtube.

    The easier method is to just delete everything except the high model in 3DS (which makes the model into a .ydr) and replacing it with a in-game prop and attaching it to the Player via Menyoo (but doesn't really work with long sleeved tops or pants).

  • Tried Youtube too, sadly didn't find anything helpful spending at least 5h activily researching Youtube... Need it for a server so mods such as Menyoo isn't an option.

  • @iGhoul Heres a thread I made since I couldn't help myself either and NaijaMango was so kind and tried to help me. Maybe you can try it out. Its the last comment in that thread: https://forums.gta5-mods.com/topic/23910/clipping-bug/19

  • @flying_bulletzzz Thanks man, tried that too but it didn't work. Tried the same technique with other models and it worked. There's something weird about Franklin's varsity jacket that makes it not working for the MP Male, if anyone reads this and has the answer please reply with it.

  • @iGhoul For me it always works with hats but not with pants, t-shirts, etc. Maybe you can find a solution or a tutorial on gtaforums.com .

  • i post a topic can you please look at it>? its will really help

  • Hi mates, did sny of u found some solution? I want to use some franklin clothes to the server

  • @HonzaVu I don't think they did...

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