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Default moon - where is it?

  • Hey there fellow nerds. ;)

    I need some assistance. Could anybody tell me which files control the moon's size and its trajectory across the sky?

    I'm using VisualV, but it alters the moon too. However, I wish to keep the old moon settings. All I need to do is to localize the respective file(s) and put them back to the "mods" folder.

    So if you could tell me what I'm looking for, that would be A+.

  • That sounds like skydome.ytd if I'm honest you can always look up your preferred moon on the internet it's a simple png to replace I've done it and it looks pretty impressive makes it much more realistic to see other than the very cartoonist style one they had offered

  • I'll try to replace that file @SLY95ZER but I'm afraid this is not what I'm looking for...

    See, I do not wish to replace a texture. What I want, is to find a file that regulates the moon's trajectory across the sky and other parameters of its behavior.

    Changing texture file will probably not help. Unless this .ytd file also, somehow, contains instructions on the moon's movement.

  • Okay, I narrowed the search down to the { mods :arrow_right: update :arrow_right: update.rpf :arrow_right: common .}

    Upon replacing said folder with a default the moon returns to its pre-mod size and position in the sky. I had no idea that a graphics mod could alter the moon's ecliptic so heavily. Like literally; mod on - no moon visible, mod off - moon is high in the sky (same night). Can't see any good reason for it. :slight_smile:

    It needs to be narrowed down even more however, to make the hunt even easier. But at least we now know it's somewhere in the "commons." ;)

  • I found the son of a bitch!! :rofl:

    The moon's ecliptic in VisualV is controlled by an additional file named "time.xml"! It has been put there as a fix and is not a part of the original game files.

    Granted, when it is deleted from its location (mods\update\update.rpf\common\data\levels\gta5) the moon returns to its vanilla position in the sky. The moon's size however, seems to be controlled by the "timecycle" files.

    Ye Gods...... I spent so many hours trying to figure this shit out... Guess I'm 100% nerd after all...

  • Controlled by the timecycle huh that's weird never seen that before

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