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Banned unjustly

  • I feel as though my existing account has been banned out of error.


    My account was deleted after I uploaded a mod which puts a screenshot from the CENSORED APP NAME (edit by Reyser) on the “Samsung Galaxy Note 7 [bomb]” mod by HitmanNiko.


    The reason for this was that it was deemed to be advertising a cash app, even though this is not what the app in question is, and nor is this an advertisment of this app.

    Is there any way I can resolve this?


    @AlexRules Was me who banned your other account and was justified:
    1.- All the uploads I did reject from you were a form of advertising of different mobile apps with the same topic, win or generate cash not in-game. I won't mention them here to don't spam, you already know which I'm talking about. Also, in the description of the different uploads there were referal links or "codes" of your own to earn something on such apps when other people uses them.
    2.- I and @ikt warned you in your rejected uploads about this practice and you kept doing it, so you earned the ban. The ban is completely justified.

    The only way to resolve this was with your account being banned.

  • Yeah, but AGAIN CENSORED APP NAME is not a cash app and my modification was not an advertisement of it. Besides, all the offending apps were removed.


    @MrSupercar55 It doesn't matter if it's a "cash" app or a game app, you were using the uploads descriptions (and possibly the uploaded files) as a way to get a "reward" on them with your own "codes" or referal links which I won't post here. You ignored our warnings, that's why you got banned from the main site.

    Whether you like it or not, the ban is justified.

    If you want to discuse this with an administrator, reach @Dark0ne. I have nothing more to say about this as I think I've made it clear and Dark0ne can see the rejected uploads on your banned profile with the reasons provided.

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