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GTA looks too bright/blown out after NVR install

  • Hi,

    I just installed GTAV and Natural Vision Remastered on a fresh PC install and the game looks extremely bright and over saturated. I tried reducing the display brightness all the way in-game but it did not fix the issue.

    I followed the README for NVR and also used this video as a reference:

    The only difference between the video and what I did was the L.A. Roads install - for that I just followed the guide on the page.

    I'm trying to get the game to look like this:

    • OpenIV: 3.1 Build 1032
    • VisualIV 1.0.450
    • NVR: October 24, 2018
    • ReShade & ENV (Ultra Preset) - The version included with NVR
    • L.A. Roads + L.A. Roads Patch [Add-On] 1.0
    • LA Vegitation: 2.0
    • Real California Architecutre 0.4.4

    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

  • FWIW I think my PC specs should be able to handle this, but correct me if I'm wrong.

    CPU: i9-9900k
    RAM: 64GB DDR4
    GPU: 1080Ti
    SSD: Samsung 970EVO m.2

  • I got rid of the nasty contrast and brightness issue by removing ENB and ReShade but the game just doesn't look nearly as impressive as Kryton's videos.

  • Try turning off frame scaling while Reshade/ENB are enabled and see if that changes anything. I run into graphical issues when I have frame scaling and ENB enabled, except for me, everything becomes a lot darker not brighter.

  • It turns out the issue was the Direct X setting. Originally it was on Direct X 10 - I changed this to 11 and it's looking better now. Still not as good as the videos but maybe I just need more mods for that.

  • Have you solved this problem? And can somebody help to install NVR looking like in the video?

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    @OneSolution problem was solved months ago. All the help you need is in that video or in the many, many, oh so many guides on Google. You will get better help reading and learning yourself than you will in these forums.

  • @InfiniteQuestion I installed it right and it works before I added some other mods to my game.
    Redux works also fine, but I dont understand why my game is so bright.

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    @OneSolution what order did you install everything? Install redux if you need, then visual v if you want, then NVR last. Also check frame scaling, check direct x, all else fails open ENB and disable effects to see.

  • I had a completly new folder and installed visual V, NVR and then QuantV.
    After this I installed some car and Weapon Mods and LA Roads and Vegatation

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    @OneSolution can't help with quant as I'm not familiar with it, but NVR should be last to install.

    Also did you try the troubleshooting steps I said? Disable ENB and see how it looks.

  • @InfiniteQuestion hadn´t installed a ENB and I dont think quantv causes this because everthing worked fine before I added the addons of NVR and other mods.
    Also I think that I had DirectX 11 enabled.

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    @OneSolution Update to latest version, don't use the one that comes with NVR.

  • @InfiniteQuestion you mean the ENB?

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    @OneSolution if you broke the game, restart and install using only what is inside the NVR folder. If your going to use Reshade or ENB update to latest version. Once you have a stable game, try a new mod. Never, never, install everything at once or else you'll be on these forums asking where you went wrong.

    Just start fresh, follow instructions, install one mod then run the game. If your happy with the improvement, install another mod. ALWAYS install the mod you want to see most of LAST. Most graphic mods overwrite others so Quant probably isn't compatible with NVR. Choose one.

    Also it sounds like your installing every graphic mod you can find. You have 4 listed so far, please don't be one of those people who thinks installing more mods on top of more mods will get the best YouTube gta 6 next gen video graphics. Only by carefully tweaking and balancing all those mods can you achieve next level graphics, and unless your willing to start reading thousands of lines of code and googling non stop, just stay with visual v and Natural Vision. NVE is being released soon making all those mods obsolete and incompatible anyways.

  • okay thank you!

  • This post is deleted!

  • I have same problem too. Everytime when I install NVR , everything is fine. But when I install PRSA or ohter rashade and enb,color gets weird. Just like you ,Over-saturated graphics.

  • Hi there ! i've had the same problem yesterday, but my screen was in blue color. i tried to delete my enb and reshade files and then my game turns really bright

  • Too late maybe but
    This can easily be fixed by just turning on "UseOriginalPostProcessing" effect in the ENB menu
    Or if you don't want to use this then Just lower your post FX quility to normal or High
    Hope it helps ;)

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