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Cable car tram is doors only?

  • Just a quick question, for some reason my cable car for going up Mt Chilliad is appearing as ONLY the doors. I checked to make sure the model files are indeed in x64e.... unless they have been updated to a newer area.The doors move up and down the mountain, but of course you just fall through since the model itself didnt load. My only custom dlc is LA Billboards and Overhauled trains. Native trainer also. Any guess on what could cause this? To be honest Im not sure how long ago they stopped appearing, I rarely ever rode in them.

  • This behavior is indeed caused by some mods, no need to worry. :slight_smile:

    I suggest you go and check Michael's or Franklin's houses too - if some furniture is missing, then it must be the fault of one of the mods you have installed (however, not "Native trainer" that's for sure).

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