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More lore friendly vehicles?

  • I just recently discovered modded lore friendly cars for gta like those from Project Homecoming. Like classic versions of GTA cars, Time Attack versions or just completely new cars. But I could not find many of those after searching for a while.
    Firstly, are there more modders than vanillaworks, who create good quality lore friendly cars, completely new ones or modifications of the standart ones.
    Secondly, is there a nice open wheeler like the Ferocious 312 from Project Homecoming (which I sadly could not find for single player) or any GT versions of the standart cars we got?
    Would be nice to find some more of those cars!


    Sadly not everything from PH gets released straight away, if at all

    There's a Time Attack pack just uploaded btw

    Besides VanillaWorks Team there's also the Lore-Friendly mods from Dani02, bob322, Voit Turyv, Monkeypolice188, TheF3nt0N, LamboFreak, glennoconnell, Ydrop, muzazipr, IGnoTon... and others

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