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[SOLVED] Engine Sounds

  • I always have Proplems finding the right Engine Sound to Modify...

    Does anyone know where the Soundfiles of these Vehicles are located and what they are called
    Principe Diabolous
    Canis Kalahari

  • @Jan119 Some sounds are in x64/audio 🤔

  • @Theoasterix I know but i they are called things like 1000cc Racebike or 600cc Racebike and SUV_1_US...
    and i cant seem to find the ones i need...

  • @Jan119 Yes I think the sounds are defined by scripts but I don't know how...

  • @Jan119
    To my knowledge no complete list of engine sound audio files ('.awc') & how they relate to vehicles exists. You just have to do it by ear.
    Many vehicles use the same '.awc' files so editing those files is very rarely ideal as any edits will probably change the engine sounds for a heap of other cars too.
    Cleanest way to change engine sounds is to edit the 'audioNameHash' line in the vehicle's 'vehicles.meta' to the name of another vehicle:



    or use one of the Engine Sound Mapper or Auto Engine Sound Swapper mods to do it on the fly :thumbsup:

    ENT (& possibly other trainers) has/have a Engine Sound Swap feature (Note: doesn't persist through game restart so not permanent) in the 'Vehicles' > 'Modifications' menu that can be used to easily find the engine sound you want from another vehicle :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th Thanks for the help! I found out that these sound files arent only in (x64/audio/sfx) but also in the DLC packs. So its just some searching...

  • @Jan119
    Nice one :slight_smile: Best of luck finding the one you want, if you haven't already :thumbsup:

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