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Game crashing.... in need of help

  • I have modded cars, redux mod, visualv among others and for some reason i get constant crashes after like 5 to 10 mins of gameplay... if anyone can help me out i can give any info need to help the process... thanks in advanced

  • @dfr3sh105 Try and remove redux, heard it crashes other people’s game often.

  • Thank you... ima try it now n see how it goes.... i would like to make gtav look better.. i like the mods on here n i would like to have a graphics mod on my game... what graphics mod is good lookin but not to demandin on my pc?? my specs are as follows....
    Intel core i7-8750h
    Cpu@ 2.20ghz
    16gbs or ram

    Originally i wanted naturalvision but i think the recommended specs i was lackin is in my cpu only clockin 2.20 and for naturalvision i believe that 3.20 is recommended so i was beat there... any suggestions?

  • Ok so i ran the game in factory settings no mods and it ran fine... no crashes, however i dnt think it was redux mod because i installed at least 20 cars thinking it was fine and ran the game... comes to find out that the game crashed after 5 to 10 mins of play like it used to... thanks for the advice but now i have to find out what car is causing the crash

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