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[SCRIPT] A Persistence Mod for Cars (a bit advanced)

  • So i wanted to ask if someone could creat a Persistence Mod that includes the followings

    1. The Cars should be truly saved, what i mean is when u reload or start a new session the cars should spawn automatically there where u saved them and the cars shouldn't vanish when u leave them somewhere.

    2. The Blip(marker on Map) should have the color of the character you saved the car with (blue/green/orange) the blip size should also be changebal via ini.

    3. The cars should also stay dirty or damaged when u save them leave or start a new session until u take the car and wash it or fix it this setting should also be changebal via ini.

    4. There should be no limit in where, number or how often u want to safe the same car (e.g. 3 banshees but tuned differently).

    5. How i would like it to be working is when u enter a car and press a key the car should be seen as saved so you can do what ever you want or do any mission you want the car should be seen on the map and just stay saved until u press the key again

    This "idea" is based on the "saved vehicel" just like the on in simple trainer i just want that mechanic as a mod where i need a key to save and that the cars are truly saved (like i explained in the 1. point).

    I would really appreciat this mod

    P.S. sorry for my bad english

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