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OpenIV Mods folder forcing update?! O.o

  • My mods folder is making my launcher update 2.5gb of files before it launches. I cancled the update because my internet is terrible. Moved mods folder to desktop & launched perfectly. What is happening? lol

  • @Weirdoutworld That's bizarre.. What happens if you leave the mods folder in the game folder but rename it?

  • @LeeC2202 same thing happens. I have a FULL backup of the original install on a flash drive. I copied all of the x64, update, & common.rpf's into my game folder so i know they are untouched. Launched the game, wants to update... Im letting it go now. 1 hour left then I will see what happens. LOL If all else fails I will just re-install. Ugh. re-installing this game is a bitch... all 7 discs...

  • @Weirdoutworld Handy tip... copy the contents of all 7 discs into a folder on your hard drive and it will install the whole lot from there. That's what I have done, much quicker and no need to swap discs.

    It is very strange why it's causing an update though. Although I have a similar problem whenever I remove my mods folder and ScriptHook/openiv.asi etc... It always says I have corrupted files and proceeds to download about 2.5GB, even though those files change nothing of the original files.

  • @LeeC2202 ahhh ok that IS faster than the discs... Its runnin good now. The update was for some yellow swirl pajammas for MP that ill never use & some of the "bikers gang" stuff I think. After the update finished the loading screens had new slides. But I re-installed all my mods. (Whew... pain in the ass) been playing for 30 min with no crash. Thanks for all your help. Your a good man & a great addition to this community.

  • @Weirdoutworld Very good of you to say that... although I suspect the people in the thread I've just posted in might have a different opinion of that. I can be a stroppy, opinionated git at times... especially on IP and licenses... it's my developer's shield going up. ;)

    Someone mentioned a biker update... is your ScriptHook working fine still?

  • @LeeC2202 The biker update is comming on OCT.4th... im worried lol. Hopefully Alexander is ready to put in a lil work. Everything is running great now. I found out my issue was that I had a couple files installed from RDE dispatch enhanced. The game was crashing when I reached 5 stars....... about 5 minutes into play. The game was trying to load objects that dont exist.

    But off topic... what software can I use to edit .dds textures themselves - colors? I have a post in "request" section about adding amber marker lights to a HD led sheriff lights texture. Its for my own personal use. Is that wrong of me to want to edit his textures? Lol

  • @Weirdoutworld For editing DDS files I use Photoshop and the Nvidia DDS plugin. I know a lot of people use Gimp but I'm not sure what else they use to handle DDS files.

    If you do want to use Photoshop, use this. http://www.techspot.com/downloads/3689-adobe-photoshop-cs2.html

    That is a genuine and free Photoshop CS2 released by Adobe with proper serial numbers. I have the CS3 suite for when I used it for work, but I also have that CS2 edition in my Windows 10 install so it doesn't mess up my genuine license. I wouldn't use anything other than Photoshop and with that free version being available, everyone can get access to a great piece of software.

    Here's the DDS plugin: https://developer.nvidia.com/nvidia-texture-tools-adobe-photoshop

    As for editing textures for personal use... that to me is what modding is all about, it allows you to personalise your game. No modder is ever going to say "You can't change them in your own game". As great as many textures are, they're not always what you want, so get the programmes and have fun. :)

    Edit: Just thought I should add... you can export the textures out of OpenIV as a png file and then add them back in as a png file. So you can get away without a DDS plugin and use MS Paint... if you're a real masochist LOL. ;)

  • @LeeC2202 dxtbmp also handle dds and it's free, same for photofiltre

  • @LeeC2202 oh ok! Thanks for the links.

  • @baba0rum said in OpenIV Mods folder forcing update?! O.o:

    @LeeC2202 dxtbmp also handle dds and it's free, same for photofiltre

    Of course... I had forgotten about dxtbmp, it's been a while since I did any FSX repaints. My memory's not what it used to be... as far as I can remember. ;)

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