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Advanced fighting mechanics

  • Can anyone with experience or knowledge on how to create custom fighting/takedown moves tell me what I need to learn in order to create these type of mods. My goal is to create some takedowns like you see in the game Sleeping Dogs. Ultimately, I’d like to create a mod that provides a faster pace fighting simulation similar to John Wick. I am having trouble finding anything on this topic. If someone helps me I promise to deliver on my goals above.

  • What you're saying require to put or create custom animations ( it's currently impossible) and make a script. I'm sorry to say but with what we have right now this mod can't exist or it would already be published

  • The other poster is correct. We can not create new combat animations from the ground up. What we can do though, is a LOT more detailed and impressive than what you have seen so far.

    If you are serious about this, and willing to invest some time into learning about the Action folder and its dependencies, then hit me up on Discord.


    Have a nice day :0)

  • @grateful_for_mods I’ll add you, what’s your tag?

  • I’m not really surprised to hear this, but disappointed I am. I’d love to play as John Wick pulling off some great takedowns and finishing head shots. What about a mod to switch from the regular isosceles stance with the players arms straight out holding a gun to the C.A.R. (center axis relock) stance? The arms would be close to the body and the weapon is tilted inward at a 45 degree angle. This stance was used in Splinter Cell Conviction.

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